The browser MMO Dino Storm has beginned its Closed Beta

The browser MMO Dino Storm has beginned its Closed Beta

The 3D browser MMO of Splitscreen Studios, Dino Storm has started its closed beta test phase.

Its striking 3D graphics and vivid, inviting world have finally come to life with the first batch of gamers exploring the town of Dinoville and the surrounding wildlands and jungle areas.

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In Dino Storm, players assume the role of wild west style sheriffs maintaining law and order in a hazardous, lively world inhabited by bandits and prehistoric creatures.

Awe-inspiring dinosaurs are doubling as mounts, waiting to be saddled and taken for a ride by brave players. Numerous NPCs make a living in and around the central town of Dinoville, providing easy tasks for those new to MMOs as well as massive, challenging open world adventures scaling with the number of attendees.
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