Taming Returns to Entropia Universe


Entropia Universe gets today its latest update, version 15.0, introducing the first phase of the re-worked taming system to the game. Pets will become active and each planet will feature one new low-level tamable creature.

These are the tamable creatures on each planet:

Planet Arkadia - Nusul Puny
Planet Calypso - Bristlehog Puny
Planet Cyrene - Young Arret
Planet Rocktropia - Panther Puny
Planet Toulan - Tabtab Puny


entropia shot

Tamable creatures are indicated by a heart-shaped symbol to the left of a creature's health bar. When a tamable creature is found players must use a Whip to increase a creature's respect. Once the creature has reached the correct thresholds a players can use an action called "Attempt Tame" to command the creature to obey and become a pet.

Existing tamed pets from the old taming system are operational in the relaunched taming system, and are indicated as Ancient pets.

A new stackable resource has been introduced too. All creatures on all planets will drop this new resource as a symbolic representation of salvaged battle debris, regardless of the type of weapon used to defeat the creature. Shrapnel will replace a portion of the total loot value formerly dropped in the form of ammo, animal oils, tier components, paint cans, etc.

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