Swordsman unveils the first three classes


Perfect World unveiled a new trailer highlighting the first three of the ten playable classes for its newest MMORPG Swordsman, currently in development. The game will arrive in Euope and Nord America later this year, in the meanwhile, take a look at the video:

The three classes are:

The Wu-Tang, group-focused fighters wielding powerful two-handed weapons who combine raw power and inner force to buff and heal themselves and their comrades.

The Sun and Moon: These deadly assassins are nimble and hit hard, which make them specialists of the single target damage. With their twin blades linked by a chain they can steal life from their enemies to give it to themselves and to their friends.

The House Tong: This family-like school of gunslingers are a reliable DPS class which shines in group fights thanks to their high attack speed and their speed in combat.


Source of information: Perfect World press release

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