Stronghold Kingdoms Final Age Expansion Announced


As Stronghold Kingdoms gets ready for its release on iOS and Android, Firefly Studios has announced a new expansion set to be launched in the near future: Final Age. This expansion will allow a house of players to turn off the server.

With this expansion, after conquering and capturing all Royal Towers, a new PvE target on the world map, a single house of players will be able to decide whether or not to shut down their server forever. Based on rank and position at world end, players will be rewarded with prizes (up to $500 of in-game loot each).

“From the very beginning we knew players would be involved in development, this is the ultimate expression of that” said Simon Bradbury, Lead Designer at Firefly Studios. “Players deserve a proper endgame and in the case of Kingdoms we believe this means letting the community decide whether or not to close their game worlds. This doesn’t mean Stronghold Kingdoms is coming to an end, far from it! For those worlds that players do decide to close new ones will open."

We have also known that the developer is working on a new in-game event system that will feature global PvE and PvP challenges for players to compete.

Watch the trailer for this expansion:

Source Firefly Studios Stronghold Kingdoms

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