The Red String Trail Ride hits Firgrove in Star Stable

Star Stable The Red String Trail Ride
The Red String Trail Ride hits Firgrove in Star Stable.

Star Stable The Red String Trail Ride
Star Stable The Red String Trail Ride - The Red String Trail Ride hits Firgrove in Star Stable

The Red String Trail opens in Jorvik May 8th. You never know what you might encounter out on the trail, but the Jorvik Rangers promise a safe and enjoyable experience for all! and lasts until May 22nd, 2019, see the new video at the trail here in

The Red String Trail Ride | Star Stable Trailers

The Red String Trail Ride!

A couple of weeks ago, a new, mysterious mountain trail opened up in the Firgrove Mountains! For the upcoming two weeks you will be able to try out a special Trail Ride where all sorts of cool things can happen!

The start of the trail is marked on your map, and it’s located close to where Andy keeps his sheep in Firgrove.

What you’re about to experience is the Red String Trail Ride! This special journey is completed when a red string is tied to a special marked spot at the end of the trail, to symbolize the unbreakable bond between a horse and its rider - or that between friends! Along the way many things may happen - will you meet another traveller? Maybe someone set up a picnic to rest for a while? Also, why does the driver of the strange car from Silverglade still have a driver's license?! You can go on this special trail many, many times and still have more things to discover as different things will happen each time you set off on your journey. This also gives you a fun opportunity to train your horses, since you get some XP for your horse on your first daily ride! Remember to always start your journey by clicking on the notice board at the foot of the mountain.

The special events on the Firgrove Trail will be active for two weeks. You will always be able to explore the trail, but to get the Trail Ride experience you will have to participate before May 22!

A new riding club!

Emma, Luciana and Sonja have grown very close lately. Inspired by the comradery and competitive spirit of Jorvik’s great riding clubs, like the Bobcats and Bulldogz, these girls have decided to form their very own club. To celebrate their new club and cement their friendship, they have decided to ride the Red String Trail Ride together. They’d love to have you join them!

Sonja is waiting for you at Steve’s Farm, so go find her for a ride you’ll never forget!

Even though the Trail Ride event is available for two weeks only, the quest with Emma, Luciana and Sonja is here to stay. To be able to play this quest you need to be a Star Rider, and you must have completed the quest where Emma thanks you after adopting her own horse.

New foal in Star Stable Horses!

Last week a new foal arrived to our app Star Stable Horses! In our app Star Stable Horses, you can raise your very own horse from a baby foal up to a level 10 horse, ready to hit the Jorvik racing tracks with you as its rider. When your Hanoverian reaches level 10 in the app you can transfer it to Star Stable Online for 890 Star Coins. Also, don’t forget to check out all the other pretty foals in Star Stable Horses - there’s a total of 11 breeds to choose from!

Star Stable Horses is available both in the AppStore and in Google Play and is free to download.

Befriend foals!

The foaling event with Violet the Jorvik Ranger is available until May 22nd, so you still have plenty of time to play with the adorable foals around Jorvik!

Spirit is leaving soon!

In May, it’s time for Spirit to leave Jorvik! During the Wednesday Update on May 29, Spirit along with the fangirls Tori and Sally in Fort Pinta will leave Jorvik for good. If you’d like to befriend Spirit and invite him to stay in your home stable, make sure you do so before then!

If you get Spirit before he leaves, he will stay in your home stable and you can ride him anytime you want. If you sell him, you will not be able to get him back. Same thing goes for the items from Tori and Sally’s shop in Fort Pinta!

Source: Star Stable Entertainment AB. Article from Star Stable

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