Star Stable Double Star Coins

Star Stable Double Star Coins

We hope you’re having a great time exploring the Wildwoods! Have you seen the five new gorgeous Jorvik Wild Horses? They come in the colors Mantle Striped Bay, Mantle Striped Buckskin, Sapphire Blue Roan, Sapphire White and Mantle Silver Bay. Why not grab this weekend’s Star Coins offer, and have a look for yourself in the shop area at Redwood Point?

As always, this offer means that with every purchase made, we double the amount of Star Coins! That’s 100% extra Star Coins for the same price, and this includes both Star Rider and Star Coin packages. Click the button below for details.

Double Star Coins Weekend on Star Stable

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About Star Stable

Star Stable is a horse raising simulator RPG allowing players to breed and race mares both casually and competitively. Star Stable is an MMORPG from World of Horsecraft AB based on riding horses through the huge 3D world of Jorvik.

Features for Star Stable

  • Solo Play: Steadily accomplish goals and uncover a daunting mystery.

  • EXP+: Train up your horse’s stats and take advantage of various milestone level ups.

  • Making it Multiplayer: Test your skills against rivaling hostlers from across the globe.


This is a free-to-try title requiring a monthly subscription to access all the content for Star Stable.

Source: Star Stable Entretainment AB . Star Stable

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