Soldier Front 2 Unveils its Weapon Upgrade Progression

Soldier Front 2 Unveils its Weapon Upgrade Progression


Aeria Games unveils some new details about the Challenge and weapon upgrade systems in their upcoming First-Person Shooter: Soldier Front 2.

Soldier Front 2_Turning CornersSoldier Front 2_Tight Spot

The challenge system is a set of different tasks and milestone that a player can work toward while playing, such as scoring a moltitude of headshots or playing  a certain number of hours.

Soldier Front 2_StandoffSoldier Front 2_StakeoutSoldier Front 2_On the HuntSoldier Front 2_Mirror Image

Each completed challenge unlocks a modified version of a weapon, which can be bought with game currency. Each new version of a gun does not replace previous versions, so that players can freely switch between them according to their style of play.

Source of information: Aeria Games press release


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