Soldier Front 2, First Look Gameplay Video With Commentary


We were invited to an exclusive media test of Soldier Front 2the free-to-play Action MMO from Aeria Gameswhich is currently in its Beta preparing for its European/US release. The game is your classic team and solo PvP matches where you can rank up, improve your gear and go head to head with other players in a number of different maps and game types.

In our exclusive video we got the chance to check out two of the maps, each with its own game mode; Seizure on the Quarantine map, and Shatter on the Funhouse map. In Seizure you have your attack and defend setup where one team tries to get a briefcase placed on the map and return it to their base. In Shatter you face a completely unique game mode where the entire level is made of glass and the main way to kill your opponent team is shooting out the floor from underneath them so they fall to their grisly deaths. Fun indeed!