Soldier Front 2 new details on game modes

Soldier Front 2 new details on game modes


Aeria Games has unveiled some new interesting details about the game modes of its upcoming MMOFPS Soldier Front 2, like the unique Hero mode which throws players into a MOBA-style war between two teams, while alien troops spawn continuously and march against each other. The vicious aliens, known as Xanthids, form the backbone of the opposing armies, while players use their shooting skills to try and give their side the upper hand in the push toward the enemy base.

Two more modes featuring Xanthid are scheduled to be released shortly after launch: the co-op Defense mode, where up to four soldiers can team up to obliterate waves of encroaching aliens in a ruined metropolis, and the Manhunt mode, where one team of soldier fight against a team of aliens played by other users. Xanthid players can choose between three types of aliens: stealthy melee-attacking Rippers, speedy suicide-bombing Stunners, and projectile-launching aliens.

Source of Information: Aeria Games press release

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