Skydome Early Access Giveaway

Skydome Early Access Giveaway
Skydome Early Access Giveaway and Gamigo partnered to offer this summer giveaway for Skydome to celebrate the ealy access to this MOBA.

For all the information about the early access go here on

What You Get With the Skydome Early Access Giveaway, Ascended Founders Pack:

• 1 x Founder Banner
• 1 x Founder Icon

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Step 3. Login to the game and go to Skydome redeem page and follow the instructions

Skydome is an epic tower-defense battle arena game that has players diving into action-packed fast-paced matches on an isometric 3D playing field. Depending on each participant's playstyle, players can craft elaborate defenses with their team or face the battle head-on by utilizing special "Intervention Skills" to sabotage their opponents. Death mazes, magic portals, and time manipulation are all part of a player’s toolset on their journey to become the ultimate champion.

Skydome features:

  • CHAMPIONS A-PLENTY - A continuously updated roster of diverse Champions, each with their own unique skills and personal towers

  • FAMILIAR SURROUNDINGS - Fast-paced, isometric 3D action strategy gameplay with MOBA-style jungle areas filled with unique boss monsters

  • FORTIED DEFENSES - Players can deploy walls and towers to fortify their map

  • INTERVENTION SKILLS - Death mazes, magical portals, and time manipulation are just some of the unique tools at a player's disposal

  • INVASION SYSTEM - Defeat waves of monsters invading your territory and fight your enemies by utilizing buffs, extra troops and more

  • 4 vs 4 MULTIPLAYER MATCHES - team up with your friends to outsmart your competition

  • SEASONAL RANKS - A full seasonal ranking system launches today

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