Shikihime Zoushi Comes Back to Life


Gamigo brings Shikihime Zoushi back to life as the browser-based strategy RPG game enters Closed Beta in German and English (further versions in other languages will follow in the near future). In Shikihime Zoushi, players delve into the grand world of ancient Japan, taking on the role of an Onmyoji – a master of Yin & Yang – to control a very special unit: the Shikihime.

It features over 90 different Shikihime to discover. By summoning new Shikihime in a ceremony and combining the mightiest of them with each other, even stronger companions can be created.


Shikihime Zoushi screenshot 7 Shikihime Zoushi screenshot 5 Shikihime Zoushi screenshot 4 Shikihime Zoushi screenshot 2

Key features:

- Free to play
- Browser-based
- Round-based fantasy RPG on octagonal maps
- Over 90 powerful incantations in the form of the charming Shikihime
- Crafting of weapons and armor
- Quests with rising levels of difficulty
- Weekly Colonial War events

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