ShadowLand Online announces their Halloween celebrations

ShadowLand Online has announced their Halloween celebrations. Updates and events await us in the game to celebrate these festivities.


- Reincarnation system (available from Oct. 25th): Players above level 100 can use this system to have their heroes reincarnated, and the heroes' attributes will be increased. The difficulty of 25 instances is increased for reincarnated players to play.


- Harvest Halloween (11: 00 p.m. Oct.25th- 11:59 p.m. Nov.1st): Farm the pumpkin seeds to get the pumpkins, which can be used to increase your hero’s power, agility, intelligence, physical or magic defense or drop rates of items. The pumpkins cannot be sold out in the auction house or stolen by other players like other plants.

- Double BA (12 a.m. Oct. 26th – 11:59 p.m. Oct. 28th): BAs obtained from legion battles will be doubled.

Source: ZQGame press release

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