Scarlet Blade Screenshots

Scarlet Blade screenshots

  • Scarlet Blade, the open beta started
  •   Scarlet Blade, the sexy MMORPG for mature audience published by Aeria Games has just launched its open beta. Starting from today, everyone can jump into the game and play with the beautiful arkana without worring of any characters wipe. "This is a great milestone for Aeria,"...
  • Scarlet Blade exclusive character creation screenshots and videos
  •   Today we want to show you some exclusive screenshots and videos highlighting the caracter creation system of Scarlet Blade, the sexy sci-fy MMORPG published by Aeria Games. Let's give a look to the hot Arkanas! Source of information: Aeria Games press release    
  • Scarlet Blade begins its Closed Beta
  • Aeria Games has announced the beginning of the closed beta test for its MMORPG Scarlet Blade. In the game players will found a world in which humanity has been forced to take desperate measures, following the relentless siege of mysterious invaders named Narak. In a last effort to recover their...


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