Prius Online screenshots

  • Gpotato has presented some new changes and updates for Prius Online
  • Prius Online has received some new updates and changes and after listening the community the Gpotato team has created a new server dedicated exclusively to PvE as well as merged the existing PvP servers. Also numerous events will welcome these updates and players on each server will get...
  • Prius Online begins its open beta
  • GPotato, has announced that the open beta test of Prius Online, has started today June 2.Players who join open beta testing (OBT) can experience several new improvements, including:· The highly anticipated release of the Female Ayin Race· The availability of second classes...
  • Added Prius Online to our data base
  • We have added to our data base a full profile, with information, screenshots, wallpapers and videos of Prius Online. Take a look.Screenshots | Wallpapers | Videos | Profile


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