Dust 514 screenshots

  • DUST 514, open beta starts on January 22
  •   CCP just officially announced the starting date of the open beta phase for its free-to-play sci-fi MMOFPS for Playstation 3, Dust 514. With no further character reset planned, the game will go in open beta on Janauary 22, 2013, and starting from that day, every shot and every battle...
  • First developer diary of DUST 514
  • This video is the first in a series of DUST 514 dev diarys. Get an insight into the upcoming free-to-play shooter for PlayStation 3 set in the EVE Online universe. See how DUST 514 came together and get a first look into how the game works.
  • Exclusive at Gamescom 2013: EVE: Valkyrie & Oculus Rift
  • At Gamescom, we had the chance to attend a CCP presentation introducing Valkyrie for the first time to the press as well as giving a brief report on the current state of EVE Online and Dust 514. But let’s focus on the new stuff, shall we? CCP Soundwave threw some information on EVE...


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