Dust 514 wallpapers

  • Dust 514, new Fight your own war trailer from E3 2013
  •   CCP has just released a new trailer called "Fight your own war"  for its fre-to-play MMOFPS for PS3, Dust 514. Let's give a look at some gameplay action for the title!   Source of information: CCP press release  
  • CCP Games has started today the second beta event of its MMOFPS DUST 514
  • CCP’s upcoming free-to play MMOFPS Dust 514 has celebrated last weekend its first beta event and huge amounts of players took the opportunity to experience the Dust universe through a single map. This weekend, a Beta event will run again with a new map added. Also to celebrate Independence...
  • The upcoming MMOFPS DUST 514, is going to be launched on PlayStation 3
  • CCP Games has announced that its innovative MMOFPS, DUST 514, will be free-to-play on the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system. DUST 514 is the first console game of its kind, set in the massive shared, persistent EVE OnlineUniverse. Closed private trials of DUST 514 began in December...


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