Exclusive at Gamescom 2013: EVE: Valkyrie & Oculus Rift

At Gamescom, we had the chance to attend a CCP presentation introducing Valkyrie for the first time to the press as well as giving a brief report on the current state of EVE Online and Dust 514. But let’s focus on the new stuff, shall we?

Valkyrie_01 Valkyrie_02

CCP Soundwave threw some information on EVE Valkyrie - looks like CCP was one of the first backers of the Oculus Rift Kickstarter project and they got an early developer kit. Some developers started toying around with it and eventually put out a tech demo to see what the CCP’s Carbon technology and the Oculus Rift could achieve together: EVE-VR was born.


They quickly realized its potential as the demo was incredibly fun and people at the studio loved it, so they decided to take it to the next level by showing it to the public at the Fanfest where it had the same impact on fans. It’s then when EVE-VR, the demo, became EVE ValkyRie, the game.

The game still in its early phase, there's not much information about it yet since it will be released in 2014 but we got to play a three minutes demo with the new Oculus Rift HD that only CCP has at the moment.

Valkyrie_04 Valkyrie_05

After being told how the controls worked and how to use the oculus to get the maximum potential out of the short demo, we started; Oculus Rift on the head - very light we must say - and a Xbox controller plugged to a computer was all we needed to enjoy this mind-blowing experience.

Valkyrie_06 Valkyrie_07

Being able to move your head freely around the cockpit makes you aware of the enemies you have around without needing some radar, plus the missile locking mechanic mimicking the modern airplanes in which you lock your target by following it with your helmet is amazing. All in all, the experience was incredible: demo runs smooth, Oculus Rift image moves quick and is sharp; the gamepad is full of tricks to use in this upcoming dogfighting game: breaks, afterburner, barrel rolls and much more.

Although we don’t know much about the game yet, we can honestly say that alone the gameplay itself will keep you playing it for a long time, which is something you can’t say about most of the games out there.

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