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  • New Drakensang Expansion Announced: Sands of Malice
  •   Bigpoint has just announced a new expansion for Drakensang Online: Sands of Malice. It will be released on February 28th, featuring a brand-new Arabian Nights themed environment and new content. Very little is known, but more details will be unveiled over the next weeks. Stay tuned.
  • Drakensang Online Lucky Mount Packages Giveaway
  • Today we have for you another good deal. On this occasion, from today until February 21st, we are giving away for free Lucky Mount Packages for Drakensang Online. Each one of these packages, valued at 15€, contains a random mount and 999 essences of destruction. Inside the pack you can...
  • [GC 2015] The new expansion for Drakensang in Detail
  • We checked in with the guys over at Bigpoint to take a look at free to play action RPG Drakensang and its newest expansion Rise of Balor, this is the first expansion since 2013 and speaking with the team it was clear that there has been a change of direction with both Drakensang and Bigpoint...