Scarlet Blade unveils new details on PvP


Aeria Games has unveiled some fresh details about the PvP system of its upcoming MMORPG Scarlet Blade.

At launch the game will feature different PvP modes such as 1v1 duels, battlefields and open-world PvP zones where players can form groups in order to fight huge bosses that drop valuable loot. This will provide some good PvP spots as players from both factions will compete for the kill.

Speaking about battlefields, there will be the 30v30 Janus map and 80v80 Turnpike map, with several more planned for release soon after launch. Players can earn Rank Points and loot dog tags from dead enemies in all forms of PvP combat, and trade them in for items, unique emotes, and powerful PvP-exclusive gear.

Developers also promise to add new pvp feature in the first major update, like bigger pvp zones and a 6v6 arena.

Source of informations: Aeria Games press release.


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