Scarlet Blade unveils new details about its PvP


Aeria Games just unveiled some new juicy details regarding the PvP scenarios of its upcoming sexy sci-fi MMORPG, Scarlet Blade.

The game features a two-side factions system, which see the Royal Guards facing the Free Knights on the futuristic ruined version of the Earth offered by the game. There are two huge battlefields to fight for: The 30v30 Janus map and the 80v80  Turnpike map. These two battlegrounds boost an objective-based gameplay with key targets that players have to eliminate while protecting their own targets. However, developers said that even larger battlefield will be available after the game's launch.

But this is just the istanced aspect of the game's PvP system. The game will also offer huge open world PvP zones where dangerous bosses, which drop the most powerful loot in the game, live. Players will have to fight against the other faction's member to have the right to kill these bosses.

Source of informations: Aeria Games press release.



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