Robocraft Launches Clan Party Update


Robocraft gets today a new content update: Clan Party. This content expansion improves the game's social features, introducing better chat supports and new clans functionality, such as titles, dedicated private chat channels, customizable descriptions or avatars.

Players can now create and join clans for up to 50 members, form 5-player groups through the new menu widget, join customizable chat channels, and join multiple chat channels.

Additionally, all premium users now receive 3-times more robits. Robits can be used to create new weapons, cubes and cosmetics.

Also, Robocraft now features a lifetime premium for for $49.99 (USD) / £34.99 (GBP) / €44.99 (EUR).


Robocraft clan party image (1) Robocraft clan party image (2) Robocraft clan party image (3)

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