Robocraft Goes Into the Shredzone


Robocraft's tenth expansion,'Enter the Shredzone', goes live today, featuring a new step-by-step tutorial, an improved single-player mode that emulates the 5v5 deathmatch game mode, new build options, bug fixes, balance changes and two new legendary weapons.

From now on, new players will be able to go through a hands-on tutorial where they will get to learn the basics. It's a guide that introduces the core mechanics of the game, such as movement, the edit mode, the combat and inventory management.

The two new weapons are the Chain Shredder, a minigun-esque weapon available for both flying and non-flying robots. and the EMP, a high skill module that allows players to summon a column of electromagnetic pulse energy.


Robocraft shredzone shot 1 Robocraft shredzone shot 2 Robocraft shredzone shot 3 Robocraft shredzone shot 4

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