Rail Nation releases the Winter Update


Travian Games has just announced the arrival of the Winter Update for their train company management browser game, Rail Nation, which will add a lot of new features and a new map.

This new update add to the game a load of new features, such as new winter snowy map and a sitter mode which will let you choose two friends to take care of your account during your holidays.

TGRailnationScreenshotWinterSitter_EN copyTGRailnationScreenshotWinterCityCompetition_EN copy

Moreover, several existing feature have been tweaked and updated, and you will be able to find a reworked integration system, an improved city selection that will help you to find your friends from past rounds, updated licence screen, selectable lottery prizes and a new option in the player profile which will show stars indicating how successful a player has been in past rounds.

Source of information: Travian  Games press release

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