RaiderZ shows us the St. Fhannel Monastery instance


Perfect World Entertainment, publisher of the RaiderZ's US version, just released a new trailer highlighting one of its game's high level instances: St. Fhannel Monastery. This once sacred place is now plagued by unholy corruption, and the players will have to band together to restore its balance.

"One of my favorite things about RaiderZ is its incredibly unique boss fights," says Senior Producer Mark Hill. "It's not unusual to face situations where players can break off limbs from bosses and equip them as weapons or instances that find players dodging and blocking over-the-top air attacks and dangerous grappling moves. But in addition to St. Fhannel Monastery's deadly guardians, the layout and flow of multi-wing dungeon is also a great example of how RaiderZ manages to push the boundaries of what we've come to expect from MMOs."

Source of informations: Perfect World press release

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