RaiderZ releases the RaiderZ Founder’s Pack

To celebrate the imminent arrival of the RaiderZ Open Beta, Perfect World Entertaintment has released the "RaiderZ Founder's Pack". These packs contain multiple unique items, and the elite pack includes an access to the Neverwinter's Closed Beta.

This pack will be available in 2 versions:

- The basic pack includes a patch that will improve various statistics and will give various bonuses to the player for 30 days, 15 resurrection potions and 5 gems that will increase the chances to enchant an item.

- The Elite pack contains the 3 items of the basic pack, a powerful mount, and an access for the Neverwinter's Closed Beta.

The basic pack worth $ 9.99 and the Elite pack $ 29.99.

Source of information: press release of Perfect World Entertaintment

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