Pay-Once Star Ride Sale

Star Stable Pay-Once Star Ride Sale
Pay-Once Star Ride Sale

Have you been to Jorvik’s magical Winter Village, yet? Pop by and don’t forget to pick up our special offer on the way because now is the perfect time to become a Pay-Once Star Rider here on Star Stable.

This weekend you can make sure to stay with us indefinitely by becoming a Star Rider with our 30% sale on Pay-Once Star Rider! And don’t forget – you'll even get 1200 Star Coins and a weekly allowance of 100 Star Coins every Saturday. With Pay-Once Star Rider, you pay once and then never again to become a Star Rider for as long as the game exists! Click the button below for more details here on Star Stable if you don't have one account create a new one with our link.

This offer expires at. 14:00 UTC, December 16, 2019, and does not apply to mobile payments or gift cards in the Star Stable Store. Applies to everyone who is not currently a Pay-Once Star Rider.

Source: Star Stable Entertainment AB. Article from Star Stable

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