Pagel Invades Fiesta Online

Fiesta Online Anime MMORPG

Pagel's Invasion, the largest Fiesta Online expansion pack of all time is now available, and adds more than 1,300 new items such as accessories, class-specific armor, weapons, and more than 300 exciting quests, seven brand-new maps and over 70 new monsters.

But that's only a small part of it. Pagel's Invasion also has more than 10 new levels in store, which also means that the level cap has now been increased to 125.


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The God of Greed is corrupting the mysterious cities of the dwarfs, who, together with Pagel, are attempting to gain sole dominion of the whole of Isya. In order to save their world from the dwarfs and Pagel's influence, which only serves to sow jealousy and greed, players will delve deep into the fantastic and ancient legends of Isya.

New content included in this expansion:

- More than 1,300 new items
- Over 300 new and exciting quests
- More than 70 new monsters
- 7 new maps
- Level cap increased from 115 to 125
- A new fearsome world boss

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