Ogame Major Expansion and go to mobile

Ogame Major Expansion and go to mobile
Ogame Major Expansion and go to mobile

OGame, the long-running space strategy MMO from Gameforge, is receiving its biggest update in its nearly 20-year history. Lifeforms, the new expansion, will add tons of new content and countless new strategies for players to explore. Additionally, players will soon be able to take the full OGame experience on the go, as the popular browser title will be making the leap to mobile devices.

OGame, the Legacy Space Strategy MMO Developed by Gameforge, is Receiving a Massive New Update Later This Year, and is Coming to Mobile Platforms

The Lifeforms Expansion Introduces New Ways to Play and Countless New Strategies to Explore in the Quest for Galactic Supremacy

Today, Gameforge — games publisher and developer of popular titles such as AION, NosTale, Metin2, Trigon: Space Story, and Swords of Legends Online — is pleased to announce that their long-running space strategy MMO, OGame, is receiving its biggest update of the year. The massive expansion, Lifeforms, will bring alien species into the world of OGame, and open up countless new strategies for players to explore with buildings, technology, and actions specific to each one.

Additionally, Gameforge announced today that the full OGame experience is coming to mobile platforms, including the upcoming Lifeforms update. Arriving later this year, players will be able to explore and conquer the galaxy from their Android or iOS devices. Those who wish to participate in the beta testing at the end of May 2022 can find out more via the community post found here on OGame

“OGame is celebrating a staggering 20 years since release this October, and what better way to mark the occasion than with brand-new content and a whole new platform for players to enjoy it on?” said Hannes Anders, Chief Technology Officer. “Internally, there’s a lot of excitement about this anniversary, as OGame is Gameforge’s first game developed in-house. I’m especially proud to have been directly involved in the development process of both OGame for mobile and the new Lifeforms update, and look forward to sharing the game with all the fans of space and exploration. As a team, we are dedicated to providing quality content and updates for the millions of fans of this game, and all of our other established legacy titles, and thrilled to be able to share these two big updates this year.”

Lifeforms Update

Rediscover OGame with the game-changing Lifeforms update, the first major content expansion in nearly ten years! Designed as a natural extension to the main game that boosts the core experience, Lifeforms will introduce four species—Humans, Rock’tal, Mechas, and Kaelesh—to the OGame universe, each with their own unique buildings and technologies that players can discover and explore. Players will populate planets with lifeforms, build structures, manage food production, and research new technologies to discover other alien species and expand their reach across the stars. Building a diverse civilization and combining the abilities of multiple lifeforms will give players access to countless new strategies and help them on their path to conquering the vast reaches of space!

Whether they choose to accelerate as a powerful miner and enhance their mining and production options, become a power-hungry emperor with a destructive, unrivaled fleet, or explore the vast regions of the galaxy for resources and allies, experienced players and newcomers alike are guaranteed to find a strategy that fits their preferred style.

Watch the new trailer here for Ogame Major Expansion and go to mobile here on F2P.com

With the Lifeforms update, players will be able to discover four new, unique lifeforms throughout the universe:
• Humans: Players will discover this lifeform right from the start. Having developed new hyperdrive technology in the 21st century, humans have created various settlements across the universe. Humans are friendly with many species, forming excellent trade relationships across the galaxy. A jack-of-all-trades that gives players a glimpse of tech provided throughout the game, Humans are the only lifeform with the technology to discover more lifeforms as they progress.

• Rock’tal: Found on inhospitable planets that orbit close to the sun, the Rock’tal have evolved stone-like skin and a slowed metabolism. Rock’tal are skilled miners with increased resource and energy production, and they have the unique ability to convert destroyed fleets that have attacked their planets into resources.

• Mechas: An artificial intelligence lacking emotional connections of any kind, the Mechas exist to conquer other species, take control of their resources, and further their means of production. They are able to reproduce faster than any other lifeform, due to them being built in factories. Mechan perks and abilities allow them to maximize their ship production power, raising the production speed of ships, and increasing the number and combat strength of ships they can recover from battle.

• Kaelesh: Born with a natural tendency to explore, the Kaelesh spend most of their lifetime traveling through the endless universe in search of others of their kind. They specialize in exploration tech and improving exploration outcomes, allowing their expeditions and research to be conducted faster, which results in them gaining more resources. Having mastered a deep understanding of the universe, the Kaelesh have an improved chance to create moons and increase the moon size on the planets they populate.

Other additions in the Lifeforms update include:

• 48 New Buildings — 12 per Lifeform: Players will start with the first 12 buildings as Humans, but developing this lifeform allows them to explore and research new species, making more buildings available.

• 72 New Species Technologies — 18 per Lifeform: As players progress through the new content, they will unlock the lifeform-specific tech trees, which can be filled out in thousands of different combinations to further combat, exploration, production abilities, and more, and manipulated to branch in any number of ways based on the different species they discover.

• Two new resources: The new resources—lifeforms and food—must be balanced carefully. Players must grow lifeforms to unlock species-specific technologies on their planet, but in order to keep the lifeforms thriving, players need to manage food production. If lifeforms consume too much food, too quickly, they will eventually starve and begin to die out. Unlike food, lifeforms cannot be transported or stolen but can be killed if a planet is successfully attacked.

The Lifeforms update will be coming to OGame on PC in the next few weeks and will be available on iOS and Android when the game releases on mobile later this year.

Created by Gameforge CEO Alexander Rösner and originally released on October 3rd, 2002, OGame is one of the space-themed MMO genre’s longest-running games that, to date, has over 100 million registered players worldwide. Everything starts with the foundation of a small colony on an uninhabited planet. Harnessing the resources of this new home, players research new technologies and construct a powerful fleet to carry their authority out into the stars. Players can expand their galactic empires by colonizing planets, forging tactical alliances, or by taking on other players. Launch unprecedented expeditions of conquest, subjugate galaxy after galaxy, on a quest to become the most powerful ruler in the universe!

OGame is available for Windows PC via the Gameforge Client and is playable in 26 languages. The Lifeforms update will be available to players for free this year. OGame will become available for Android mobile devices via Google Play and iOS mobile devices via the Apple Store later this year, and players can take part in the PTS starting today.

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