OGame is a free to play MMORTS



OGame is a free to play MMORTS for Internet Browsers and Mobile devices (iOS and Android) that allows players to know what it feels like to run their own inter-planetary empire, constructing enormous fleets of spaceships, making trade agreements and alliances with distant planets, and battling against enemy raiders and rival players looking to bring them down.


- Manage your resources and time
- Extensive tech tree to research
- Dozens of buildings and ships to construct
- Raid AI enemies and other players
- Create trade and Alliances
- Expand to new planets and build an Empire
- Browser gameplay
- Free to play


The core goal of the game is to build up the biggest empire that you can, spanning across the universe and involving multiple planets; players will have to manage their time and resources and construct a fleet of ships to both expand their empire and protect it from rival players all vying to be the largest superpower. As all actions in the game can take anything from minutes to days to complete players must be able to efficiently manage their time; sending a large portion of a fleet to a distant planet takes a long time and could leave them vulnerable.


There are three main resources that players are able to collect in the game: Deuterium, Crystal and Metal, these are the core building blocks needed to construct building and ships and can initially be earned through mining facilities that players are able to build on their planet. Resources also come from various other sources such as missions, trade, and raids, where they can send their ships out to attack their rivals and plunder their resources.


Each planet can hold a number of buildings, the type of buildings come down to the players own strategy and what they wish to accomplish; whether focusing on expansion, commerce, technological advancement, resource production or military production. Each building takes time to construct and a number of resources; new building options are acquired as players learn new technologies. Players can upgrade their existing buildings too. Buildings can offer all types of advantages from planetary and empire wide boosts, unlocking features and more; the level of the buildings upgrade will in turn increase these boosts. The more buildings and the higher the upgrades the more Energy a planet requires to run efficiently, a constant maintenance cost that players must monitor.


Players can create all types of ships here on OGame, depending on their available time, resources, technology level and building upgrades; whilst costing resources to create a strong fleet of ships in turn provides players with the opportunity to raid rival planets and steal their resources. Each ship has its own stats, from its attack value, armor defenses, speed and more; a good balance of ships within a fleet is vital to overcoming the various defenses a player may come across when attacking a rival.


Rivals come in all shapes and sizes, from AI Bandits that can be attacked and the player is able to recover 100% of the resources from such raids, to attacking players planets with the colour of the planet indicating the strength; attacking weaker targets does not yield as much in resources often making it an unprofitable attack (when balanced against the cost in Dueterium resources to make the attack and the cost in ships that are likely to be lost) and so discourages players from attacking lower players. That said, attacking a weak planet of a larger rival, or one part of an enemy Alliance is a worthwhile tactic if it means hindering their advancement.


There comes a time when a player outgrows their homeworld; they have constructed as many buildings as they can and have upgraded them all, expansion is a necessity and with a Colony Ship players are able to colonize another nearby planet and begin forming their empire. Players do not have to wait until they have maxed out a planet before they begin colonizing new planets, and indeed quick expansion is a viable tactic in the game; but the cost of colonizing is high and spreading your resources too wide and thin can make a player a vulnerable target right for the taking.


Web Browser

GENRE: Free to play MMORTS
PLATFORM: Web Browser, iOS and Android devices Mobile Games
DEVELOPER: Gameforge


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