OGame Combat Simulator Update

OGame Combat Simulator Update
OGame Combat Simulator Update

Take to the stars again in space-war MMO OGame with the introduction of a new server and the development of a combat simulator.

First Update to Gameforge's Own Combat Simulator here on OGame:

The OGame team is currently planning to launch the combat simulator on test servers in early 2024. The simulator is currently in the beta phase and only supports 1v1 situations. Future enhancements will include the ACS (Alliance Combat System) and IPM (Interplanetary Missiles). The community is invited to actively participate through feedback, opinions, and other concerns in the forum.

Gameforge is looking forward to the successful launch of the new server universe and eagerly awaits the community's feedback on the combat simulator.

New server launch:

This week, OGame has introduced a new server with a new chance to dominate the cosmos!

The main features:
• Economy x10, Fleet Peaceful x1, Fleet Holding x1, War Fleet x1, Research x20, Galaxies 9, DF 50%, DiDF 0%, 0.5 Deuterium consumption,+25 Fields, Probes with cargo OFF, ACS ON, 8.000 DM
• Category: Miner
• Deuterium on Debris Fields ON, Flight time/consumption ignore empty systems OFF, Flight time/consumption ignore inactive systems OFF
In OGame, a new server begins every 6 weeks, with a new chance to create an interstellar empire in the most successful browser game in the universe. Be there from the very start of the new server—choose your ship, hone your strategy, and head for the stars.

Source: Gameforge - OGame for PC - OGame for Android Devices - and soon Ogame for iOS devices

OGame is a free to play MMORTS for Internet Browsers and Mobile devices (iOS and Android) that allows players to know what it feels like to run their own inter-planetary empire, constructing enormous fleets of spaceships, making trade agreements and alliances with distant planets, and battling against enemy raiders and rival players looking to bring them down.

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