NosTale New Features 2024

NosTale New Features
NosTale New Features

Popular anime action MMORPG NosTale is kicking off the new year right with a dazzling variety of new content and events, including captivating new quests and challenges to unmissable time-limited events.

New features NosTale:

Act 9 - Secrets of the Undercity:

• Champion level cap increases to 90.
• New equipment and accessories and two new raids: Pollutus and Giant Arma.
• Over 100 new quests and six new passive skill books.
• Introduction of four new Steam Drones fairies and upgrade systems for fairies.

Review of the winter event:

• Players battled the giant snowman and Maru the millennium tiger in showstopping special raids.
• NosVille, Port Alveus, and the Minilands were decorated in beautiful blankets of crisp, white snow.
The rewards for quests in Act 5.1 were significantly improved and offered players a rewarding event.

Preview of the Lunar New Year event:

The Lunar New Year event is now live and promises new adventures and exclusive rewards such as gold, gifts, mini Pets, and much more! Find out more here.

The NosTale team is looking forward to presenting players with new challenges in the course of the year with further events, with the latest Community Update teasing Act 9, Part 2 with expanded Undercity content, a variety of seasonal events, quality of life improvements, and more!

Source: Gameforge - NosTale

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