Nosgoth Coming to ESL


If you've played Nosgoth you'll know by now that it's a very competitive game, and due to its nature, this is a very natural step. Nosgoth Closed Beta Cup Series will start on November 9th in both Europe and North America, featuring weekly and monthly competition with prize pools for both.

We believe Nosgoth offers a compelling competitive gaming experience and has the potential to be successful as an e-sports title, as such we’re making the tools to facilitate competitive gaming and are excited to see how this is received by the community.” said Corey Davis, Game Director, Nosgoth

You don't have to worry if you don't have access to the game. At this very moment we are hosting a giveaway of Closed Beta keys. So head there and grab yours.

Nosgoth’s latest update also includes other features that go hand in hand with competitive gaming. With private match functionality now available, players will be able to organise matches with friends on dedicated servers, specifying match and map details. Private Matches also feature support of 5 vs 5 for the first time ever, bringing a new layer of tactical gameplay to the battlefield. Also included in the latest update is the addition of X-fire support and NosCam, our very own match recorder with camera controls allowing gamers freedom to record, view and edit their matches.

If you don't know Nosgoth, you can check our review, our first look video and our profile (clicking on the "Info" button you'll find below).


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