New version of Lineage: Lineage 2 Essence

New version of Lineage: Lineage 2 Essence
New version of Lineage: Lineage 2 Essence

4game platform has announced the start of a new version of the outstanding game — Lineage 2 Essence from the famous developer NCSoft Company

Do you miss your favorite Lineage 2? Want to return to forgotten raids and rebuild the party, but there is no way to spend a lot of time? The free MMORPG Lineage 2 Essence — the classic of the genre in the long-awaited form — is launched on 4game! It’s a new NCSoft project, devoted to the well-known Universe of Lineage 2.

Lineage 2 Essence is everything you love: PvP, raids and no extra grinding.

Developers focused on the following important features:

— Accelerated leveling and auto-hunting function.

— Independence from other players.

— No need to have multiple accounts for the comfortable play.

— 90 levels, 6 races и 34 classes.

— Massive sieges for the whole server.

— Daily Olympiad and Weekly Hero Status.

— Raid Bosses in an open world are designed for a party or clan as well as for solo players.

— Levels of some Raid Bosses have been increased.

It's just a small fraction of what is waiting for you in Lineage 2 Essence.

About 4game
An international platform that distributes online games for Russia, Europe, and Brazil. Since 2004 it has released more than two dozen massive multiplayer online games, including popular MMORPGs Lineage 2, Aion, Blade and Soul, online shooters Ironsight, Point Blank, and others. 4game provides access to European servers of Lineage 2 and RF Online. To this date, the platform has over 55 million users.

Source: 4Game - NCSoft - Lineage 2 Essence

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