Lineage 2

Lineage 2

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG


This classic fantasy-based MMORPG is the second title in the popular series, but acts as a prequel to the original game sets 150 years earlier to the events that transpired. With a wide number of classes available and full character customisation with acquired gear and accessories players will travel the world facing off against monstrous and magical creatures and enemies of rival factions. Lineage 2 is completely free to play with a variety of prestige and exploration packs that can be purchased using the stores premium currency.


- Seven unique races to choose from
- 30 main classes to master
- Colossal server wide siege warfare and PVP battles
- Engage in exciting quests and challenging dungeon instances
- Completely free to play


A world divided by war that spans its two great continents as three kingdoms clash with each other in a battle for power and control of territory against their foreign enemies and internal conflicts, players will find themselves in the middle of such turmoil as they follow a quest-based content to uncover the wider story arcs in the game. Later game content primarily focuses around PVP with large-scale battles and siege warfare where players must attack and defend their own castles and fortresses; alternatively players can focus on PVE raids in instanced based and zones to recover the most powerful gear items in the game.


Players can choose between seven different races from across the world, each with their own class combinations that they can train into that is unique to their race such as Orc Fighters being able to specialise into a Raider or Monk whereas the Elf can focus on becoming an Elven Knight or an Elven Scout, and even the Dark Elf has different specialisations focusing on becoming a Palus Knight or an Assassin. Each path branches off once more and then players will improve and change their class as they level up adopting new abilities and skills and growing ever more powerful.


PVP is one of the key areas in the game and falls into a variety of categories from world PVP to siege battles and arenas, though there are areas that are also considered Peace Zones where PVP is excluded and are defended by NPC guards who will auto attack any Chaotic characters that try to enter.

PVP revolves around a Reputation system, where in general everyone is a neutral “white” player and by attacking a neutral players a character will be flagged as aggressive and their name highlights purple signifying that they can be attacked by anyone without penalty (though their name will also appear as purple and subsequently can be attacked). Those players that kill white neutral characters will increase their PK count and become Chaotic, meaning they cannot use shop services and if their PK count goal is over five they can drop items and gain harsh debuffs when killed in battle.


There are a variety of PVE missions in the game that players can pick up from NPC’s and sent into dangerous areas across various zones in the world to complete objectives and in turn gain rewards in the form of XP, currency, items and more. Players can put together a group and tackle some of the in game instances which have greater challenges and players must ultimately defeat an endgame boss to claim the reward.


Many players choose to band together and create a clan in the game, a long-standing partnership where players can become close friends always willing to help each other out in the game, starting out with 10 players max it is possible to level up your Clan to increase the member count. Levelling up your clan will also grant access to clan skills and powerful abilities as well as gaining access to the Clan Halls and eligibility to join in the Castle Sieges event or simply declare war on other Clans and enter your own personal Clan War, which can be a temporary affair where one side can win based off the number of kills and deaths accrued during the warring period.


O/S: Windows XP/Vista/ 7 or 8
CPU: Pentium4 3.0GHz or equivalent
RAM: 1024MB
Video: GeForce 6600 GT or Radeon X1600 Series
Sound: 16-Bit


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