New Race and Class Announced for ASTA


New about information about ASTA's first expansion has been released. Myth I: Wrath of the Berserkers will go live on May 31 and along with the new level cap, the new region and the new dungeon, the expansion will introduce a brand-new race and and a class.

The new Raksa race are humanoid creatures and will be available for the Asu and Ora factions. This new race will have a new starting area: Gate of Dawn, and it will be the only race that will be able to choose the new Berserker race.

Berserkers use double weapons, swords or axes, and can inflict a lot of damage. They can use combat art skills to enhance their strength and soul skills to improve the strength of a creature they summon.


ASTA Raksa images (1) ASTA Raksa images (2) ASTA Raksa images (3) ASTA Raksa images (4)

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