New patch and new region for Dragon’s Prophet


A new region is coming to Dragon's Prophet wit the launch of the newest patch, which also include two new dungeons and a new open world boss.

Get ready to explore the new region of Porthis and its dangerous adventure dungeons, the first of which is the Bladeguard Underpass, a dangerous place full of trap doors and storage rooms that Zekriloth the Damned is using as a refuge.

DragonsProphet_SkeletonDragonsProphet_SchreckeDragonsProphet_Schrecke und ElefantDragonsProphet_Porthis_Vierarmaffe

Players will also be able to delve into the Moran Cavern to face the Doom Dragons and defeat their leader: Desolar the Tyrant.


Source of information: Infernum press release

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