New Patch for AIKA Online: Zereca’s Plot: Land of Wailing

Redbana has just announced a new patch for AIKA Online coming this August: Zereca's Plot: Land of Wailing. The expansion will bring brand new content and features for players to explore as well as raise the level cap to 90, increasing both possibilities and game difficulty and changing the gameplay.

With Zereca's Plot: Land of Wailing, each job class will get a new skill to be unlocked at level 85 and new equipment sets to augment their characters' strengths. The new Unique Disassembly System will allow playersto acquire the materials for the Heaven Set by disassembling level 80 unique equipment.

Players' characters are not the only ones to receive notable changes in this update, as so do Prans, benefiting from Pran Skill Improvements better viewed once the update goes live, and the Property Change feature that allows for wider customization choices.

In addition, the titular Land of Wailing map will be added to the game. Filled with monsters ranging from level 90 to 95, it also includes a new HELL MODE dungeon: Kynari Aviary HELL MODE can be entered daily by players level 85 onwards to challenge the powerful boss Seridunn. To maximize their chances to stand out successful, players can receive a special buff through the Air Garden Totem for assistance.

Source of information: Redbana press release.

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