New Expansion for Stronghold Kingdoms: Heretic

New Expansion for Stronghold Kingdoms: Heretic

A new expansion is now available for Stronghold Kingdoms: Heretic. This content update introduces a brand new game mode featuring new mechanics and PvE gameplay, expanding the classic experience.

Heretic is the second PvE AI World and the first featuring Europe. Players will get the chance to choose which faction they want to fight for: the crusade fighting against the forces of evil or The Wolf's. But be aware! After swearing their allegiance to The Wolf, a heretic player will only be able to attack non-heretic players. And there is no turning back after going heretic.

The expansion also brings a new dynamic faith cap and a the "kill streak" feature, which provides different bonuses depending on the type of enemies defeated.

“MMOs are in our blood, but sometimes you just want a cooperative experience. Traditional Kingdoms gameplay is hardcore PvP, making Heretic a completely different beast to vanilla Stronghold Kingdoms”, said Nick Tannahill, Marketing Manager at Firefly Studios. “We’re in the final stages preparing for the game’s cross-platform release on mobile and currently running a closed Alpha, but Heretic is our way of saying that new content is on its way.”

Watch the launch trailer:

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