New content update for Uncharted Waters Online: Tower of Babel

CJ Games Global has introduced a new game update for its historical MMORPG Uncharted Waters Online. The Tower of Babel update adds new content, improves the gameplay experience and increases the maximum level cap.

With the latest update, players who have achieved the current maximum class level of 70 can now start on a journey through five additional levels for each of the game's three classes, each of which requires a different path. Fulfilling new quests such as Enuma Elish and Statue of Inanna, they will have more places to discover and new decorative items like dresses, hats and more at their disposal that also provide functional benefits by boosting the player's stats.

In addtion, three brand new ships and two sunken vessels are available for players' explorations. Among these freshly added ships is the powerful Norske Love (Norwegian Lion), giving an competitive edge during naval battles, as well as the fast Cargo Clipper, designed to balance excellent cruising performance and loading capacity.

Tower of Babel also brings improvements to the gameplay experience with small ships receiving new optional skills and other adjustments. Moreover, more players can embark on journeys with larger ships, as the required level cap has been adjusted.

Source of information: CJ Games Global press release.

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