New animated short for Mech Mice

Mech Mice Entertainment has unveiled a new animated short for their upcoming tactical squad game, Mech Mice. Developed by Hyper Hippo Productions and currently in open beta with already more than 6,000 active players, the MMO is scheduled for launch this autumn on browser and in winter on mobile devices.

Mech Mice challenges young and old players alike to build their own squads of geared up militarized mice to help defend their lands against the invading mutant "cybug" armies of the Dark Union. Fans can engage in a safe community as they lead their squads through a series of fun and challenging levels that incorporate turn-based strategy, a think-before-you-move gameplay, and the collection of playable digital action figures.

In this latest animated short produced by Oktobor Animation we meet Dusty, a stealth recon specialist and an unrivaled long-range marksman, and The Colonel, a comically grizzled master strategist that's maybe taken one too many berry blasts to the head. It is part of a broad launch strategy to create multiple touch points from which kids can engage with the brand's characters and rich stories, including online gaming, apps, animation, toys, and publishing.

Source of information: Mech Mice Entertainment press release.

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