MU Legend Enters Closed Beta in Korea

MU Legend, the free to play MMORPG prequel of MU Online, will enter Closed Beta in Korea in April 21. WEBZEN has released new information about this upcoming title along with some new images and gameplay footage. T

Richard Moon, Head of Global Business at WEBZEN, commented: “MU Legend is a game not only fulfilling the huge potential of the original game, but also applying the latest game trends.” He also said: “For a Western release, we are currently working on bringing the game to the West. Once a concrete schedule is finalized, we will officially announce the upcoming schedule. So stay tuned!”


MU Legend artwork

Developed with Unreal Engine 3, MU Legend is a free to play title in which players will get to choose one among four different classes (the Dark Lord, the Whisperer, the Blader or the War Mage) as they fight in the endless conflict between the different races in the world of MU.

The Dark Lord class will be familiar to MU Online players. This class is a revamped version of the original one, with good stamina and defensive stats; a tank and a damage dealer.

The Whisperer is a new class inspired on the Fairy Elf class of MU Online. It specializes in ranged attacks and features high speed movement.

The War Mage is a wizard-type class with long-range aoe attacks.

And finally, the Blader is a classic warrior class with powerful melee attacks and close range weapons.

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