F2P News, Giveaways 28/04/2017 | 14:46

  Starting today and all through May (until May 31st), we’ll be giving away free items to new users of Kings and Legends, GameSpree’s browser-based card game. Claim your code, sign up through this link (or the play button below)… More »

F2P News, Giveaways 27/04/2017 | 15:57

  If you like War Thunder but never got into it, this is your chance. Starting today until June 1st, exclusively for new players, we are giving away special packs that will help you achieve your goals. All you have… More »

F2P News, Giveaways 25/04/2017 | 8:39

  WEZBEN celebrates today its 8th anniversary, and we want to participate by giving away item bundles for different Webzen games. From today through to June 6, we’ll be giving away special codes that will grant you a free item… More »

F2P News, Giveaways 24/04/2017 | 16:06

  This week we are are going to raffle 5 codes to unlock the Tal Shiar Adapted Battlecruiser, an ultra-exclusive T6 starship, on the Xbox One version of Star Trek Online. This cruiser is usually only available through the Lobi… More »

F2P News, Giveaways 19/04/2017 | 15:46

  Last week the console version of Neverwinter got updated with the Cloaked Ascendancy expansion. We want to celebrate it by raffling special unicorn mounts for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the free to play MMORPG…. More »

F2P News, Giveaways 18/04/2017 | 15:02

  This week we are giving away free items for AMZGame’s newest free to play browser-based RPG, Chronicles of Eidola, a turn-based game that features 3D graphics and strategic elements. Grab a code and you will receive all the following… More »

F2P News, Giveaways 06/04/2017 | 14:43

  Dawnbreaker Online has just entered Open Beta and we want to celebrate it by giving away free item packs to help you in your journey into the fantasy world of this free to play RPG for Internet Browsers. Each… More »

F2P News, Giveaways 03/04/2017 | 15:07

  Starting today and through April 10th, we are going to give away Starting Packs (15€ worth each) for League of Angels 2, also known as LoA2. This giveaway is only valid for new users from this regions: Germany, Spain,… More »

F2P News, Giveaways 30/03/2017 | 13:48

  SMITE is celebrating the Celestial Voyage event, an event that introduces new sci-fi skins for some of the gods of the Egyptian Pantheon, and we want to contribute giving away sci-fi skins of Isis and Anubis. Grab a code… More »

F2P News, Giveaways 20/03/2017 | 15:27

  R2Games’ newest browser-based MMORPG, God Wars, will go into Open Beta on March 23. We want to celebrate by giving away some free items that will help you in your journey through the world of this new fantasy universe…. More »

F2P News, Giveaways 16/03/2017 | 16:32

  Paladins went recently into Closed Beta on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and, in case you want to participate, we are giving away keys. If you are a PlayStation 4 player, you’ll need to get a code depending on… More »

F2P News, Giveaways 10/03/2017 | 12:21

  Free to player MOBA shooter Games of Glory will go into Closed Beta on Steam this weekend, from today, March 10 at 14:00 CET to Sunday, March 12, at 23:00 CET. In case you want to check it out,… More »