Global Agenda Free Agent review

Global Agenda Free Agent review

We’ve been playing Global Agenda Free Agent and we would like to share with you some information about this Hi-Rez Studios' MMORPG which has recently adopted a free to play model.

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Global Agenda Free agent is a MMORPG which brings a stunning visual futuristic shooter, world domination strategy, crafting, pvp, pve, alliances and several other features all together in just one title. Several gamers have played it since its release, but it has recently turned into free to play along with a brand new online store, so now Hi-Rez Studios has pushed it to a whole new level.
The game has been polishing during all this time, content has been added and several new features were introduced, making this title stands out from the rest even more. We have played all classes, and almost all features, including the new ones and would like to bring you some media and information about how Global Agenda Free Agent feels currently.

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At first, you get a smooth and fast gameplay response expected from a good shooter, then you find the graphic quality of the game is so colorful and sharp, and its in-game graphic user interface is intuitive and clear. There is a main social hub where you can find vendors, auction house, mail service, and the usual from mmo games, but almost all is just a key press away, so there is no need to be in a specific place to queue for Mercenary, for example. You have several ways to get fun out of this game, PvE content solo or in group (Special ops), PvP (Mercenary), Raids, Arena and AvA (Alliance vs alliance) territory conquest all of them instanced.

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There is a new feature added where you can explore open world, questing and leveling like in a standard mmorpg, there is a crafting system too so you can craft your own gear with materials you get automatically by killing mobs, you can get rare or epic items at the end of missions or any instanced content too.

Questing is the classic talk to npc and perform tasks style where you have to accomplish mission goals by moving through the huge outside world in order to get a reward and experience points, as you can get from the rest of instanced content.

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PvE dungeons are easy and hard at the same time, easy to handle, but hard to pass through (always depending on difficulty). You have to clear your path to the final boss using your surroundings, weapons and teamplay, final bosses have several looks, skills and ways to defeat them, find your best one!

PvP matches have several game types, “push the cart”, domination, deathmatch, robots and so on, as always you get experience and other stuff performing this kind of content. Arena is the classic player combat ruleset taken into Global Agenda Free Agent world, funny and competitive. AvA content is an extension of this type, that takes alliances (group of clans) into the world domination by conquering hexes that will grant them benefits and resources.

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Depending on which class you’re playing your experience in the game will vary, from Medics healing, debuffing and dealing damage, Assaults always on the front line absorbing and dealing damage, Recons always on the shadow, from long range as snipers or sabotaging robotics pets while dealing a huge amount of damage, and Robotics, as needed as Medics for their ability to set up camps with healing stations, turrets and other devices.

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Crafting is a profession linked to the online store, you can craft basic gear at the beginning while your skill is improving, then you will find yourself crafting powerful items. In online store you can get all you need to avoid grinding for hours and craft your own stuff or to stand out from the rest of players by buying different looking dyes and gear along with boosters and merchandise. You can further increase your gear stats with modifications found in-game and on the online store.

Our experience was really good, we have tried all classes and found it very funny in all the ways, best part is that you can switch your skills, gear and talents each time you respawn so you can find your best combination easily and switch between pve and pvp configurations in just some seconds. For instance, you can be a fully classic medic for pve, healing tank and teammates all the time, or a debuffer-damage dealer medic in PvP, while you keep healing your comrades with HOTs

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The gameplay is fast paced and dynamic, there are several ways to achieve the map goals and several map’s goals are dynamic so you don’t get the “Again? Really?” feeling after several hours of gameplay, we really really recommend you to give it a try for free, you will love its stunning visuals and fast paced combat, for sure, then if you like it they have several packages with extra services and stuff you will love.

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