Merc Elite shows off the Tactician

Merc Elite shows off the Tactician


Bigpoint reveals today details for the Tactician – the third of five playable classes in the upcoming military MOBA Merc Elite, set to be launched in the fall of 2013 as a free-to-play browser title.

Check out the following video to discover the Tactician:

The Tactician – Master of drones and strategic ace

The Tactician is nothing if not a student of war, equipped with studious eyes that scour the battlefield to scan for enemy movements. With an arsenal of powerful attack and recon drones at his disposal, the Tactician seamlessly adapts to the situation at hand to pinpoint enemy positions or deliver a fatal blow. His “Protective Shield” skill provides his unit with invaluable cover that absorbs the brunt of enemy fire to massively reduce damage. Ever astute, the Tactician can think around corners to attack bunkered enemies with a slew of grenades to force the issue and flush them out into the line of fire.

However, the Tactician’s worth is evident even before the first shots are fired: his reconnaissance abilities are second-to-none as the Tactician possesses the inante ability to scan foreign terrain for enemy activities. With the Tactician the motto Knowledge is Power has never been truer.

Not to be outdone by some of his more assault-minded mercs, the Tactician bears an array of attack skills. His tactical drone strikes bombards map sections leaving entire swaths of terrain in smoldering ruin, forcing foes to their knees in the process. Furthermore, the Tactician can call upon support drones to engage enemies on a smaller scale or fire a kill shot from close range with his pistol.

Sub-Classes: Customize the Tactician

As is the case for every class in Merc Elite, users will have a breadth of possibilities for further developing the Tactician. By amassing experience points and reaching a total of 8 various character tiers, dedicated mercs can unlock an additional array of powerful skills as they progress further in the game.


Source of information: Bigpoint press release

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