Mars Tomorrow November 2019 update

Mars Tomorrow Free to Play MMORTS mobile game
Mars Tomorrow November 2019 update

We are stoked to announce a big step for Mars Tomorrow to leave the open beta. This will be kicked off with an extensive update on Mars next Thursday, November 27th and in the new year be completed with the third of three big change packages that will bring the terraforming of the red planet to a whole new level.

So without further ado let's come to the changes we've planned for Mars Tomorrow:
● Price for "New Plugin Offer" now scales to a maximum of 25 tritium per usage
● Extended statistics are now also available without a settler account
● First time buyers now receive a bonus in the shop on their first purchase
● Information slider added to give guidance after the tutorial to new players
● Guild size reduced to eight players to create more competition in the colonies
● For each building further extensions have been added (up to lvl. 100)
● Tritium costs per building level have been reduced to compensate for this
● The starter pack is now only available for new players
● Existing players can purchase a new booster pack (similar to starter pack)
● Noob Protection is only valid for new players and runs for 120 hours
● Tutorial quests are only available to new players
● 3 days free settler account is no longer offered for veterans
● Colo vs. Colo event containers can be purchased for Tritium (up to 9 containers total)
● Lost property - probabilities for prototypes have been adjusted (less frequently)
● More choice of player plug-ins in the Mars shop
● Turbo wear of the transporter was slightly increased
● SettlerAccount innovation - transporters are automatically repaired (from 30%)
● SettlerAccount innovation - Turbo automatically shuts off at 50% durability
● The achievement for delivery races now rewards Terrapoints instead of Tritium
● Guild majority through investment grants waiting time bonus

Upcoming Serverstarts for Mars Tomorrow:

DE-1 (OLYMPUS-MONS) is expected to start on Frida, November 28th (17:00 am EST)

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