Mars Tomorrow is a browser-PC-Mac-Mobile cross-platform MMO Mars Tomorrow offers players the chance to experience a simulated colonizing and planet terraforming project on Mars

Mars Tomorrow

Mars Tomorrow

A browser-PC-Mac-Mobile cross-platform MMO Mars Tomorrow offers players the chance to experience a simulated colonizing and planet terraforming project on Mars. As the leader of their own habitat on the dry red planet, players must strategize the best way to help the terraforming project by using their various resource Rovers to drive around the planet transporting and redistributing goods needed to survive. Free to play the title provides players with the chance to spend cash on premium Tritium currency, used to buy loot chests and VIP “Settler” status for an account. Free-to-Play Space MMO Game.

Key Features

- Manage your own Mars colony
- Choose lucrative transport roots for your Rovers
- Advance your own research to improve your settlement and transports
- Transition through eight phases of Mars’s terraforming
- Work together with other players and Guild
- Earn Terrapoints to compete against other players
- Cross-platform
- Free to play
- MMO Game


At its core Mars Tomorrow is a blend of transport management game and an Empire/city builder. As a new colony leader on Mars players must manage their time, resources and Rover transport vehicles to advance not only their own settlement, but assist other players and even the entire planet as it becomes a liveable Earth-like planet.


The backbone of the economy and resource infrastructure revolves around the little individual Mars Rover transport vehicles. Each player begins with but a handful of these vehicles and are tasked with transporting needed resources to the necessary locations to help in the project. Players will require different licenses and different types of Rovers to transport the various liquid, gas and solid resources and can improve the Rover’s efficiency through techs ad plugins.

Techs are unlocked through the Research Tree that grants access to a variety of techs that will grant passive upgrades to a player’s Rovers. Plugins however are individual items that are earned by players and retrofitted into an individual Rover to give it additional boosts and utility.


Every player has control over their own Mars Habitat, a base of operations where they must upgrade the various building facilities to gain extra benefits. Each facility requires MarsDollars currency to upgrade, which is earned through transporting resources as well as through some building facilities. The available buildings range from the Apartments which increase the colonies population as well as its base income, whereas the Safe building determines how much cash a player can store away, with excess cash being wasted. Players are only able to upgrade one building at a time, so must manage their time and money wisely, prioritising their needs based around their own strategy.

Players can upgrade an additional building by spending premium currency (Tritium) on the Settlers vip account status, which grants an additional build slot for 10 days as well as various other beneficial features such as highlighting the best trade routes for Rovers to take, and more.


The game automatically advances through eight different phases of the terraforming cycle: colonization, atmosphere, rain, waters, climate, vegetation, agricultural culture and home. Each phase lasts for ten days and will change the gameplay by introducing new resources that are required for that phase, new technologies that are available, new Rovers required to adapt to the new land and new opportunities. More than just a phase measured by the calendar, players will be able to see the entire planet of Mars change over time as each phase passes, starting as inhospitable dry red desert, it will ultimately lead to a verdant, green planet teeming with life, water and a breathable atmosphere.


Terrapoints are a way for competitive gamers to try and achieve victory and their success and contribution to the Mars Terraforming Project is measured by their score on the public leaderboard. Terrapoints are accrued through typical gameplay elements, everything from upgrading specific buildings with the habitat, to transporting resources to the most lucrative locations. Players can earn individual Terrapoints, or sign up to a guild and even work cooperatively with other players to compete against rival guilds.

Genre: Free to play MMORPG

Platform: Windows / Web Browser / Mac / Mobiles

Developer: Game Fabrik - Bytro Labs Entretainment

System Requirement
Web Browser

O/S: Windows 7 and above
CPU: 2.33GHz Processor

O/S: Mac OS X v10.7 or higher
CPU: Intel Core Duo 1.83GHz

Android 2.3 or iOS 6.1

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