Major Changes in Mission Against Terror


Suba Games' free to play FPS Mission Against Terror (also known as MAT) just got a massive content update, introducing to the game new features, a new interface and vehicle combat. The addition of vehicles further expands MAT into a social gaming hub, not just a one-track experience.

The redesigned User Interface is sleek and smooth with an exotic jungle layout, with many other designs set to follow. They want players to chose how they want their game experience to look.

The addition of the first of several transforming weapons, adds a new tactical element, providing users with a sniper rifle for stealthy kills that morphs into an assault weapon for providing cover fire or taking on multiple opponents at the same time.


MAT00087 MAT00059 MAT00022 MAT00017

They have also slashed the prices and rolled out extensive changes to the item shop, including providing users with many free, premium weapons obtainable in the PvE game modes as well as for purchase.

And that's not all, the game sees the release of chatrooms and a marriage system. Yes, you read it right, an FPS title with marriage system!

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