Mission Against Terror


Genre: Free to play MMOFPS
Platform: Windows
Developer: Kingsoft


At set in a near future where two rival global factions are locked in battle players will choose their side in this first person shooter, with unique combat actions, a wide variety of different game modes and dozens of real-world weapons to get your hands on, this free to play game is action packed, exciting and a whole lot of fun.

Key Features

-          Six exciting game modes to choose from

-          Variety of different real-world weapons from pistols, assault rifles and even devastating gatling guns

-          Choose your side: the new world that or the freedom fighters

-          Dance in combat to regenerate your health or utilise its 3rd person view to peer around corners

-          Unique polymorph grenades turn deadly enemies into cute, unthreatening critters

-          Dolby Axon tech provides an immersive 3-d sound experience, utilising a module that allows players to sound like your opposite gender

Game Modes

Death Match: in an everyman for themselves free for all players must kill as many people as they can in the specified time limit

Team Death Match: the first team to reach the max number of required kills in the set time limit wins, if this target is not reached then whichever team scored the most kills is the victor

Team Match: with no respawn option the first team to eliminate all the enemy team members wins

Bomb Match: one team must destroy a target with a bomb whilst the other is forced to defend it the game ends when one team successfully completes their mission

Mummy Mode: a virus-based game where prior to the start of the match one player is turned into the Egyptian god of death, Anubis, and must try to convert the remaining players into mummies in the allotted time whilst survivors try to outrun the clock and keep the mummies at bay

Phantom Mode: similar to bomb match here the red team whose mission it is to bomb the target can become invisible phantoms who are only able to use melee weapons

 System Requirement

OS: Win 2000/ Win XP/ Win Vista/ Win 7
CPU: Pentium4 2.0 GHz
Graphics: GeForce MX440
DirectX Vesrion: 9.0C


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