Luvinia World Donates 100% of Exclusive Item Sales to Philippine Red Cross


Today we want to inform you about a beautiful initiative organized by SOA Games and their free-to-play MMORPG, Luvinia Online. After the tragic disaster happened in Philippines with Typhoon Haiyan, the publisher decided to host three weeks of special sales of in-game items and donate 100% of the profit to Philippine Red Cross. Thumbs up for these guys.

6_Donate-Philippines copy

So during the next week you can buy:

Protectors Knapsack
15 slot bag not available in game
Original Value: $5.25
SOA Coins: 3,675
Final Sale Price $3.95

Refined Precious Stone Gift Box
You'll get 10 Exceptional Gem - Grade C and 5 Blessed Energy Stone - Grade B
Original Value: $11.50
SOA Coins: 8,050
Final Sale Price $8.50

Ashes of Void Crystal x 1000
Get 5 Pure Ashes of Void immediately after use.
Original Value: $27.50
SOA Coins: 19,250
Final Sale Price: $15.00

100% of the profits made from these 3 items will be donated to the Philippine Red Cross, one of the many organizations sending relief and money to the victims of the typhoon.


2_Haiyan copy

Source of information: SOA Games press release

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