Lords of the Arena Free Items

Lords of the Arena Free Items
Lords of the Arena Free Items

R2Games publisher for Lords of the Arena collaboration with F2P.com, to bring you this FREE Mount items for LOTA works unitl March 31th 2021.

For win one ofthes FREE gifts for LOTA follow the instruccions;

Step 1. Never miss a giveaway by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

And Follow us in Instagram Instagram F2P.com

Step 2. Sign up for FREE or log into Lords of the Arena in order to signup or create an account or login, Important you need to login or create a new account with the link you see in front of the code ( link – code).

Step 3. Login with your account, Click the “Setting” on the top-left corner and enter the code to the blank of “Activate a Promo Code” and click "Activate" to win LOTA Free Items.

Lords of the Arena has 30 heroes that you can choose from, and each one has unique abilities that can be useful on the battlefield. There’s also a PvP Arena where you get to fight other players, and you can also win weekly tournaments in Guild events.

The history of the races in Lords of the Arena is also captivating, and as you progress and encounter new challenges, you get to learn more about the epic story in this game.

Lords of the Arena is available in English, German, French and Russian.

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